Saturday, June 16, 2007

Marvelous Maryland!!!

I am in Crownsville,MARYLAND! Here is a picture of my cousin Steven and his friends. I have been swimming in my aunt Tina and uncle Kevin's pool. It is a cool pool because it has a rock diving board with waterfalls. We have been practicing swimming laps and my Dad has been teaching us to swim in a straight line.

On Friday, we took the subway into Washington, D.C. W e went to the Smithsonian and Air and Space Museum. We saw Dorothy's ruby slippers, Abraham Lincoln's hat, and George Washington's sword. The highlight was seeing moon rocks and the first airplane. Before we went home we walked to Capitol Hill to see where all the lawmakers meet everyday. My sister Abbey was impatient, but that was okay because we got to go get ice cream. We then rode back on the Subway.

Today we are on our way to Annapolis. I will check back with you soon! It is getting hot here so I will have to go swimming again later!

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