Saturday, June 2, 2007

Start to summer!!!

I have started my fantastic summer from sleepovers to swim meets!On Friday,June1,2007 I went to my friends Sydney's house and spent the night!We went swimming in her neighborhood pool,had a silly string fight{it was everywhere},then we decorated some very cool flip-flops,and then we went outside at night with glow sticks and played hid and seek in the dark!That night we watched Aquamarine and had popcorn!
On June 2,2007 I Awoke at 8:00 to go to my swim meet{no one else was awake}.My mom came and picked me up and off we go.I had five events in the swim meet.I did my first 100{it was I.M. order}.After my swim meet we went to Castaway Bay.When we got done swimming I was really tired.Right when I got home I fell asleep and then read an article in the newspaper, that caught my eye.Then we had our delicious dinner{my mom cooked spaghetti and garlic bread}.

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